We have crafted the following environments to help you meet people who share your same season of life and live in your area of town. Young or old, Christian or non-Christian, single, married, or divorced, we have a place for you to connect and grow.

Community Groups

Community Groups are a place to connect with others. They meet once a month to build relationships, support each other, and serve together. Community Groups have three simple rules: Be together, eat together, and pray together. It’s that simple! Community Groups are a great place to get connected and do life together as followers of Jesus.

Learning Environments

Learning Environments are open small groups that meet for a short time to learn together. No matter where you are in your relationship with God, Learning Environments are a great place to grow and connect with others. Each Learning Environment is different. One six week period may cover basic Christian theology while another four week period might help you discover your greatest strengths. None of us have all the answers but all of us benefit from learning together.

Fight Club

Fight Clubs are closed environments where a small group of people learn together how to “contend for the faith.” In Fight Club, members establish a discipling rhythm, learning to recognize God’s voice and then respond to whatever God is saying to them. Using the Fight Club meeting (or huddle), a daily scripture/devotional book, journaling, prayer, and mentor observation, those being discipled are led to establish a pattern that helps create a pattern of continual maturation as people become more and more like Jesus. In Fight Club we orient ourselves to continual transformation and becoming lifelong learners of Jesus.