Affordable Christmas Shop Volleyball Tournament

We are partnering with Sugarfire Wentzville and hosting a volleyball tournament on Saturday, October 7. All proceeds will go towards The Affordable Christmas Shop.

At the Affordable Christmas shop, school counselors invite under-resourced parents to shop for new gifts discounted by 90%. Items are priced between $2-$5.  This allows parents to shop for their children instead of taking a hand out. We have found that parents would much rather receive a help out than a hand out. We ask families to purchase the toys so that they are providing for their family and not just receiving charity.
Last year we were able to provide Christmas for nearly 200 families. This year we are trying to raise $15,000 to help these families. Playing in this tournament with help us get even closer to our goal.
Details of tournament: 
  • 6-8 people per team.  When the team plays, there needs to be 3 gentlemen and 3 ladies.  No more than 3 gents on the court at the same time. Must be 18 or older.
  • $300 per team.
  • Round-robin for the first half of the tournament.  Games to 20.  Every team plays every team once.  Must win by 2.
  • From here, we’ll create a knockout bracket where teams are seeded according to wins and losses.
  • Basic rules :
    • Pick serve or side by doing rock, paper, scissors
    • No more than 3 hits per side
    • Rally scoring (so point on every play)
    • Not allowed in or under the net
    • A ball can be hit with any part of the body
    • If the ball comes over to the other court, referee needs to blow the whistle to stop play (last server gets the ball back to serve again)
  • Check in time is at 10:45 AM Saturday October 1 at Sugarfire Wentzville. First games start at 11:15 AM.
Affordable Christmas Shop Volleyball Tournament

Please fill out all the fields below. Once you hit submit you will receive an email with instructions to pay your registration fee. Please arrive at Sugarfire Wentzville on November 6 at 10:30am to fill out your team roster

Please pay your $300 registration fee at:


Make sure your team has 6-8 players with at least 3 gentleman and 3 ladies.