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Tommie V.

I am in a really bad time in my life once again My wife well ex wife now got married in this church 12 years ago on October 23 2009 and we got back together last August to work on things because we have a son now that's 8 years old but whenever her family found out about us well her sister came over and pretty much told her that she shouldn't be with me so it was doomed from that Day we had got along well unless I didn't do something that she told me to do right then and now but they kept on her about me and she will not tell them to mind their own business so now she threw me out about 3 week's ago accusing me of things and won't say anything to me and they are keeping me and My son from each other again they are wanting her to act like we never have met I just can't keep this going anymore it hurts so much because I do love her and our son very much but they are killing me I don't believe we got a real Chance together from Day one whenever we got married 12 years ago her mother or sisters wouldn't even come to the wedding only her Dad and the One sister that's always telling her what to do.

I don't care if anyone really wants to pray for this because it just sounds dumb I just wanted to let some things out. Thanks for reading this if you do

Lord Jesus Christ I need you to lift me up. Amen

Received: August 4, 2021

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