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Year after year, we spend time rethinking our mission, vision, and focus. We’ve never felt it necessary to make a dramatic turn but rather sharpen our sword.

This year we’ve decided to revamp our mission statement by changing one word. Our previous mission statement was, “Leading people to a growing relationship with Jesus.” We’ve decided to replace the word “leading” with “inspire.”

Rebecca Hellmann of our leadership team captured it best with a drawing she texted us later on. Leading looks a lot like dragging a team along with you. Inspiring looks a lot like a team passionately committing themselves and following because they feel inspired to do so. We want to inspire people to a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our vision has remained the same, to be a church for people who don’t like church.

But how that looks has been sharpened. We came up with three things we can do to fulfill our mission and vision.

Endear the community. 

We want the community to know we are here and we want the community to want us to be here. Our hope is that if Anchored Hope closed tomorrow it would be missed. We want to show our community the love of Christ with no strings attached or expectations of anything in return.

 Inspire people.

We want to provide environments that will inspire people to make life changing decisions in their relationships with each other and their relationship with God. 

Train the core.

We want to equip people to lead, inspire, and teach others well. This year we will offer more trainings than ever before to our serve teams and leaders.

We used this as a guideline for creating our budget for this year. We outlined events that will endear the community and events that will inspire people to make life changing decisions. We’re excited to offer 2o events that will endear the community and as of right now 6 that will inspire people in their relationships with others and with God.

We hope that you will be part of this exciting year we have planned and help us make it possible by generously donating to our ministry.

Michael Davis


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